Friday, 31 January 2014

Charity Shop Finds January 2014

Here are a couple of things I bought in the charity shops this month...

Glass bird trinket jar

This glass trinket jar cost £1.99. I love the little birds on this. It was super hard to photograph but it really does look lovely on the dressing table.

Votive Love Lamp

I picked up this Votive Love Lamp for £2.50. I haven't seen these before and with my obsession for candles I was kinda excited by this, am I weird? I really like it and i definitely think it was a good bargain, the vintage design on the front is so pretty!

I didn't find much this month but I am definitely happy with the two gems I did find.

Have you found anything interesting in a charity shop lately?


  1. I've had no look recently :( My mum used to have the full set of the glass trinkets you have on her dresser :)

    1. I'm a sucker for glass trinkets, I'm quickly running out of room for them xx


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