Sunday, 4 August 2013

Carboot Haul August 2013 ♥

Today I went to a carboot sale, I haven't been to one in years!
We got there quite late so there wasn't many fabulous finds, but I did get these

Cottage Teapot 

Bird Figures

Pretty Picture

Beauty Finds

The first 3 were from a box I got for £1, the fella was packing up so was pretty much giving everything away.
The Shiseido foundation stick I got for FREE! The lady just gave us a bag a told us to fill it! The stick retails for around £30 so I'm super pleased with this.
Free is my favourite.

The Balance Me body wash I got for 50p, it retails for £9 so another good find.

All in all I think I done quite well, what do you think? 

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