Friday, 28 March 2014

Second Week Of Slimming World

Well my second week was no where near as good as my first, I stuck to plan all week but we went away for the weekend and I ended up having about 4 takeaways and being more lenient with snacks and drinks, I did feel a bit guilty when I was eating the wrong things but I was also enjoying myself and it was just the easy option. I did only put on 1lb though, I was expecting to put the whole 9lbs I lost the first week back on so I was quite pleased with that. I'm being really good this week and I'm trying Slimming Worlds baked chicken with tomatoes tonight, it seems pretty easy to make so hopefully I don't mess it up. I am not a good cook.

Do you know any easy syn free or low syn recipes I can try?

Happy Slimming girls and guys!

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