Thursday, 20 March 2014

First Week Of Slimming World

Me and my Aunt decided to join Slimming World online to help us lose weight so each week I will post on here how I done :)

Well last week was my first week and I lost 9.5lbs and achieved my half stone award!! I didn't believe it at first. It's not uncommon to lose quite a bit on your first week though, apparently it should slow down now.

I'm no cook but Ive been trying out some homemade recipes from the Slimming World website and Ive been really enjoying it, why haven't I always done this? It doesn't even feel like a diet.

Poached eggs are my new best friend!

I tried homemade cheeseburgers, pulled pork, chilli con carne and diet coke chicken, oh and homemade chips which are amazing! I've used the slow cooker for them all apart from the cheeseburgers.

My syns during the week were mainly used on curly wurlys or prawn cocktail walkers, I didn't use all 15 syns everyday which I was shocked about as I was expecting to be wanting to use them all up and more!

Are you doing Slimming World?
Know any yummy recipes?

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