Sunday, 29 December 2013

His and Hers Pamper Night

Hi all, hope everyone had a great Christmas!

Back in November I was invited to the Braun Mummy Me Time event but as I was unable to make it (I was gutted) I was kindly sent some goodies for me and my boyfriend to have a pamper night instead! Included was the Braun SkinSpa and CoolTec.

I'll go first and tell you a bit about the SkinSpa, ladies first and all that.

This is the first epilator I have owned and it is not only an epilator but an exfoliation system as well, a right little multitasker.

The instrucions are quite easy to understand so I had no problems setting up. Oh I think I should mention that you will need a shaver adapter as it's a 2 pin plug, you can get them for a couple of quid of Ebay.

I started of with exfoliating my legs using the exfoliating brush that attaches to the device, such a good idea don't you think? Exfoliating prior to epilating should reduce the chance of ingrown hairs.

When it came down to epilating, I'm not gonna lie I was a bit nervous because I've heard a lot about it being painful but I got in a nice warm bath and got started. Yes it hurt, but only at first, I got used to it pretty quickly, maybe the high frequency massage system that is built into the device helped the pain.

The results were good, I will have to go over my legs again to get the strays though but that's no big deal, it was only my first time but I'm sure I will become a pro soon enough. This is definitely going to be my way of hair removal now, it's easier than waxing. I might brave the armpits and bikini line next...maybe. If needed you can also use this on your face.

It is available in Boots.

Onto the fellas gadget..the CoolTec, the worlds first shaver with active cooling technology.

This arrived just at the right time as Ky only broke his usual shaver the other day. He was eager to test this out so off into the bathroom he went. You can also use this in the shower if you like as well.

The shaver is fully charged in 1 hour or you can pop it on charge for 5 minutes and that should be enough for 1 shave.

The instructions, like the SkinSpa, were simple to understand which is always good. He enjoyed using the CoolTec and is impressed with the cooling feature, it definitely minimised shaving irritation.

This is also available in Boots.

Overall both of the products are good little gadgets, we both enjoyed the results and will carry on using the SkinSpa and CoolTec, If your looking for a gift for your other half, maybe keep these in mind as I'm sure whoever receives these will not be disappointed.

Have you tried epilating before? Do you have any tips?

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